We are joined by Beth Taubner, founder of Mercurylab and a Transformational Brand Strategist and Creative Director. Beth has developed a proprietary approach to the branding process, using a combination of psychological, visual and analytic processes.


As part of our ‘Art and Business of You’ series with Beth Taubner, the final element of our podcast is to review the work of two photographers via video link.


Conducting a portfolio review via video is a first for all three of us –  But we are trying this new approach given the unusual circumstances we currently find ourselves in.


We are also joined by Tommaso Carrara 

Instagram: gettons

Flickr: gettons_ita

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tommaso.carrara.5

Personal Website: https://www.gettons.org

You can view Tommaso's images on our YouTube channel, blog and Facebook pages. https://www.londonphotofestival.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Tommaso-Portfolio-Review-LPP-v2.pdf 
Please contact us on info@londonphotofestival.org should you wish to have your work reviewed.  
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